Power of Self-Talk : Three practices to master self-talk

It was back in 2005 my friend Ram and I was traveling to Madura. We both were traveling from New Delhi to Madura by bus. Ram has bought new Adidas shoes and he loved those blue and white color design. Even before we could reach Madura, he was repeatedly saying to me Madura temple is a crowded place and if we keep our shoes outside it will be stolen. I could understand how much he liked his new shoes and all the time during our travel his mind was thinking about the safety of his shoes.

Once we reached Madura, we kept our shoes outside and Ram kept his shoes under a staircase where no one can find it easily. Then we went inside, but he kept on saying ‘Someone will take my shoes, it is not safe’ he repeated this for several times until we come out of the temple. He ran to that staircase and found nothing. Yes, his shoes had been stolen by someone, only his shoes out of thousands.

So, what has happened in this case? Ram’s sub-conscious mind started to believe his self-talk and it has ordered a person to take those shoes away by obeying his words.  This is the power of self-talk. This is the power of self. Whatever you feed to your mind it will accept it and respond back with 100% accuracy. In Ram’s case, he has fed a negative thing and the result was negative. So, now you know if you feed positive things to your mind you will reap the positive outcome.

Here I have listed few self-talk practices to manifest your desire, to improve your self-confidence level and self-esteem. Also, if you are afraid of public speaking you can overcome that using these practices.

  1. Mirror Power: Every morning you spend some time in front of the mirror. You do this to enhance your beauty by some external things, for example applying a cream to your face. However, did you ever speak to yourself in front of the mirror? If not, it is time to do it from today. Look at your eyes, those eyebrows, nose, your lips, cheeks and if you have a long foot mirror see your entire self. Speak to your image. Remember, sub-conscious understands images faster than words. Your reflection in the mirror is your own self-image. Talk to your own image and speak out the positive words.

“I am the winner, I deserve a better life. I have all the abundance of this beautiful life. Today is my day, I love myself more than anyone, I am the best, I am the champion of my own life”

You can say these kinds of affirmations for few minutes by seeing your image. Keep doing this for at least a month. Then you will see the positive shift in your life. By doing this you have made your sub-conscious to believe that you are the best. So it will make a bridge between you and Universe/God and transfer your words and get the outcome as per your wish.

2. Shower Power: When you are under a warm water shower, your body get energized and all your cells are simulated by the running water all over your body. Your body and mind will be in receiving state during this time. It is the best time to have a self-conversation with you. We have heard of many “bathroom singers” in our life. Why can’t you speak to yourself by utilizing this time and improve yourself? You can repeat all those positive affirmations and come out of the shower with much self-confidence. In this busy life, you can properly use your shower time to shape up your future.


 3.Travel Power:  This practice can be done during your travel. When you are traveling in a train/bus/car you can have a conversation with yourself silently. When you get out of your house and travel to one place from another your eyes are looking into multiple images. All the motion images are simply going into your mind and come out without having much impact.  If you keep talking to yourself slowly your mind will listen to you and the wandering mind will be focusing only thing only, it is YOU. So, make use of your travel time and speak to the most important person in this world –YOU.

All the leaders, successful people has mastered self-talk. They knew their success before they could achieve it. I end this article with one of the most powerful self-talk from one of the legendary sports person, Mohammad Ali.

I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was”

You have come to this planet to live only one life. Live a life filled with abundance. Have a great day ahead: )


Rajesh Vairapandian.


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