Inspired Actions: Four Practices to take Inspired Actions

She wins in every tournament she participates. She wins millions of hearts by her smile. She is an angel for many. She lives a life where everything is beautiful. Her life is blissful. Do you want to know who is this she?  It is you. You can become what you think of if you take one decision in life. That decision is to be happy all the time. So, how do you become happy? You should see/think positive things in everything. Next question here is, how you become positive all the time? The answer is, if you firmly believe in Universe/God, your state of mind will be in positivity all the time. Because now you know being positive is the only way to be happy and being happy is the only way to success in Life.

But, you may ask, I am always happy, I see positive in everything but still the results are not coming to me as expected, or the manifestation takes much time. I do take actions but not all the actions are converted into productive results. So, where am I missing the trick? All these questions would have to wander in your mind whenever your results are getting delayed.

The answer to all these questions is: Inspired Actions. Have you taken inspired actions to achieve what you want or need in your life? If not, take inspired actions right away and manifest whatever you have wished for.

I have listed four practices which can help you to take Inspired action.

 1.Intuition:  Listen to your inner being when you feel you are unable to take any action on your desires. Listen to you. From nowhere, you will be pushed to do something. For example, you want to meet your grandmother who is 400 km’s away. You have been thinking for several weeks, But in your busy schedule, you do not find time to go and meet her. Now listen to your intuition, it will give you a tip or guide you to take the action to meet your granny. You get an urge to tell this to your colleague and he says he is from the place where your grandmother lives and you both make a sudden plan and that Friday evening you travel along with him, he drops you at your grandmother’s doorstep. You know that colleague for several months but haven’t know that he is from that place. It happens. Listen to your intuition.

2.Draw it, Get it: You know what you want to become. You practice visualization. You do meditation. You are in happiness state all the time. But still, you have no idea how Universe will bring the desire closer to you. Do this practice whenever you feel you are in the same place for several days. Take a notebook and have a margin in between a page. In the left side write down your “Present State”

Here I give a sample:

Draw yourself, you need not be an artist. Just draw a cartoon of you. Two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two ears, little hair (oops, sometimes I talk about me you know 😉 ), have a body under the head and two arms and two legs. Now draw a few cloud-like designs around this. Inside the cloud designs, write down your present state(your income status, your current relationship status, your health status)

Now, in the right side of the page after the margin, title it as “Desired State” and draw your cartoon. Now, inside those cloud designs write down your desired income, desired relationship, health and whatever you dreamed of!

Do this practice daily and within few days your sub-conscious mind will let you know what inspired action you need to take to achieve those. I have done this and amazed to see the power behind this simple practice.

 3.Medi-Act:  When you do meditation you are listening to God/Universe/Higher-Self. Whenever you feel confused what to do next, find a calm place and do a quick meditation. Seek an answer from above. You will be given an idea or the answer you were looking for. When you open your eyes you will be energized and you will take inspired action towards your desire.

 4.Love Vs Passion:  Love starts from the heart. Passion ignites from the brain. When Love and Passion meet at one point, your action will begin without a second thought which is inspired. We all listen to our mind most of the time, but if you listen to heart you will see beauty in everything. You will bless your enemy or the one who left you without a reason only through your heart. The heart does not have an EGO attached to it. We should listen to heart and brain in the same proposition. If you do so, your love&passion will become an inspired action and you will achieve your desire in a much faster way.

I hope these practices are helpful to take inspired actions. You have come to this world as a human. Live every single moment of life to its fullest and take inspired actions to achieve all your desires.

Have a great weekend ahead : )


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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