Past Demons: Two practices to come out of Past


I recently visited a hill station and met an old man. He lives in one of the beautiful garden houses with his wife and I was fortunate to visit their house. Their house is covered with a garden which has more than hundred different types of plants. Filled with flowers and they had a lovebirds cage which has more than twenty beautiful little birds. It was like a heaven. No, it was heaven. They offered me tea and within few minutes I understood how happily they are living. His wife is an amazing person who made me laugh for every sentence she spoke of. Her sense of humor was exceptional and I asked that couple how many kids they have. Before I could finish off my question they both answered in one voice ‘We have more than one hundred kids’ and they pointed out their beautiful garden and pets.  Later, I came to know their only son has killed in an accident thirty years ago.  I had no words to express my feelings and I felt sad to know their grievance. But they told me one thing, they are not living in their “Past” and they are living this beautiful life which is nothing but the present. It was an eye opener for me. Being a Law of Attraction practitioner, now I realize how important to leave the past behind us.

We all had past. We all had issues in our past. Also, we had pleasant memories about the past. But how many of us really forgot all those bad things about past and only thinking about the pleasant things? Whenever we feel sad, mostly the reason could be a past thing or relationship or incident which went wrong.  How to overcome past demons and how to be happy in the present? This is the question one would have asked himself at least ten times in his life. For many, at least it is hundred times. For some people, it is a daily question to themselves.

In this article, I have listed down two practices which will help you to overcome the ill-fated past and make you focus on the present and by doing these your future will be designed as per your wish.

  1. Bin-Bin: This practice is for those who had breakups, divorce or any relationship issues in their past and still thinking about that over and over. Buy sticky notes and have it in your handbag or backpack. Whenever you think about someone who really made you unhappy bless them (yes, you read it correctly. bless them) and take one leaf of the sticky notes and write their name on it. Find a bin and throw it. You might think how can I bless them and throw them in the bin. 1. Your blessings will do good things for them and also make you feel ease 2. When you throw their name into the bin, you are letting the bad memories out of your heart which was pricking your heart during every heartbeat. So, it is a win-win for both and we can call it as bin-bin : )

2.Embrace-Fear: Why do we get fear? It is because of our past experience. If you have feared to face an Interview or if you have feared to write an Exam it is because of your past. You would have rejected in an Interview or failed in an exam.  I have failed 3 times in statistics exam during my post-graduation. The Reason was very simple, after my first attempt I grew up fear into my heart. So, whenever I appear for statistics exam, my mind was filled with fear and attracts more fear. In the end, the result was a failure.  So, to overcome the fear of past you can do this practice. Start embracing the fear you have. This might sound crazy but this is how one can overcome the fear. Example: If you fear of an interview, close your eyes and think that everything is going as per your wish. You are walking to the interview room confidently, you are facing the interviewer with much confidence and you are coming out of that office with an offer letter. It is like walking towards the fear and embraces it.  One of my friends, always having fear of cockroach and one day I told him a funny thing, I told him that the cockroach that is coming towards you might be the soldier because you were a cockroach king in your previous birth.  He laughed at me first, then his fear started to reduce and today if he sees a cockroach he will not run away. He embraces the fear and overcomes it.

So if you follow these two practices, you will be able to forget the past and live in the present.

Always remember, no one becomes successful in the past. If you want to achieve what you want in life you should forget the tough past and cherish in the present.  By doing so, Future is yours!

All the best and have a wonderful week ahead 🙂



Rajesh Vairapandian.



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