Visualization : Four common mistakes


Art credit : Komal Gandhi

As a Law of attraction practitioner, most of us aware of what visualization is. For newbies, visualization is a process used to envision the future in your mind and by doing so, you will manifest what you thought of. Visualization is an interesting technique and a powerful one too. However, if you do not follow the basics of visualization your manifestation will take the time to appear or it will not even manifest.

I was introduced to Law of attraction back in 2009 and then on I have been doing visualization as my regular practice for manifestation. My results were remarkable. Once it is becoming your daily routine after some point of time the response time from Universe is incredibly fast.

In this article, I have listed down four common mistakes encountered by the Law of Attraction practitioners in Visualization. If you are able to overcome these four, then the results will be quicker than you imagine.

  1. Visualization Vs Meditation:                                                                                              a) Meditation: Most of the LOA practitioners confuse Visualization with Meditation. In one simple sentence, both are NOT same. Meditation is the method to make your mind calm. Your thoughts will be dissolved and all the wandering thoughts will leave your mind one by one and your mind will be a clean slate soon. Your state of mind will be in Alpha State (7-13 Hz – Meditation State). It is where your Subconscious mind wakes up and waiting for your instruction like a soldier waiting for his king’s go ahead to do the things for him.                               b) Visualization: It is the right time you can start thinking of your dreams and you can visualize that in your mind. You can see everything by your closed eyes and this is where the visualization process kick starts. So one can say, Visualization can be reached through Meditation and from there on the envisioning should start in the mind. So what happens here? Once you start your visualization (consider as a king) your sub-conscious mind (soldier) is getting ready for the action. This is what explained in “The Secret” book as “Your wish is the command”.

If you like to continue only in Meditation follow a. if you want to jump into visualization follow a and b. It is that simple.

2. Detailing: “I have been doing visualization for quite some time but the results are bleak. Why?” This has been the most common question of the LOA practitioners. The answer is very simple, if you do not have details in your visualization you will not even get the manifestation! Let us take an example here. You want to attract a life partner. What are the details you need to add during the visualization?

a) What is the desired height of him/her? – Example: 6 Feet
b) What is the eye color of him/her? – Example: Black
c) Where does he/she want to meet you for the first time? – Example: In Krishna Temple, near your house. (If you just say temple, then it is not the clear detail. Tirupathi is also a temple, but you might be hailing from Mumbai and wanted your life partner to meet you at your nearest temple. So in this case, you should clearly detail it as which temple)
d) What color dress he/she should wear during your first meet? – Example: Blue T-Shirt, Black Jean.


I have listed a few details, you can add even more. Once you add all the details, now you know crystal clear how your life partner looks like and this is what Universe is expecting from you. Now your mental picture of your life partner will be sent to Universe like a courier with all details. Universe opens the courier and smiles at it and says “Dear, Your wish is my command”. Boom, you will attract your life partner soon. So always remember to add details, details, details. 🙂

3. Feeling/emotion: If you are simply “asking” then visualization will not work. There is no doubt on it. You need to have that good feel thinking that you already achieved the desired. All your cells should be having that good feel and your entire body should have that positive vibration when you visualize. If it is missing then it is of no use. So feel like you already received what you wanted and be in the higher happiness state when you do visualization.

4. A dangerous word named as “How”  : Your task is to ask, believe and receive. If you think “how” this will happen then all your efforts will be wasted. Your job is not to think about “how”. This is one of the most common mistakes by the visualization practitioners. They know what they want, they are ready to have it but the moment they ask something to Universe/God they attach a “How” to it and spoils everything. “How” will be taken care by Universe. You are tiny, very tiny object for Universe. For Universe Bill Gates and You are same. For Universe, all the human beings are same. So never ever think about the “how”. If your mind still sticking to the “how” it is like the habit of an Elephant when it sees a muddy pond. Elephant takes the mud and put it on his head. Never doubt the power of universe by your own pre-defined old beliefs. Visualization comes under “New Thought” process. You are a new human being now.

If you understand these four common mistakes and eliminates from the mind, then your visualization works wonder for you.  Manifestation will be done before the deadline you have given to Universe.

I wish you all the very best. Happy Manifestation folks 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.



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