How Visualization Works?

Last week I was reading an article about how visualisation helped cricket players to achieve their best on the cricket field. It has brought me to write this article with more insight on the Visualization. When we heard the word “Visualization”  most of us relate it with “Thinking” and that is where the real mistake begin.To use visualization and get the desired result, one should understand it is not only about the thinking and also the basics of visualization and law of attraction.

Law of Attraction –> Visualization –> Desired Results

This Universe has many laws, one among them is Law of Attraction and it is the widely practiced law by the humans on this planet. LOA works on the “like attracts like” method/principle. Whatever you keep thinking and repeating in your mental(mind) image becomes a reality. If you keep thinking you will get a job, you will get it for sure. If you keep thinking you will fail in the interview or exam, you will fail for sure. It is that simple.

Now, you might have a question, Does thinking is law of attraction? Answer is NO. If you think particular thing for a minute and forget it about next minute then it cannot be manifested. it cannot become a reality.

To achieve in LOA, we have some key tools/methods. Affirmations, Meditations and Visualization are the three top most important methods.

In this article, let us see more about visualization.


I have heard from many that visualization does not work for them or get them less results. But is it true? No. Visualization always works! But, if you apply or use it in a right way!

How to Visualize?

For excelling in visualization, one should follow few important things, let me list it down:

  1. Visualization works far better after meditation, so it is good to do visualization after your meditation
  2. Visualization works if you feel it while visualising. Example: You want to taste an ice cream today evening and you are closing your eyes and visualising it. While doing so, your taste buds should feel the taste of that strawberry ice-cream!
  3. Visualization works if you give more details. Example: You are looking for your life partner. Visualise their colour of skin, their height, their outlook, their well behaved manners etc. Visualise a conversation with them, Example: He/She is calling you in your mobile and you are so happy to receive their call and speaks with much joy.
  4. Visualization works ONLY if your heart is filled with happiness. Yes! it is one of the most important point. If you are worried for something or someone and if you start doing visualization please remember it will NOT work. Your mind body and soul should be calm(this is the reason I asked you to do visualization after meditation in #1).
  5. Visualization works if you do it on a daily basis without a break. Daily stick to a particular timing and do visualization. This will easily make your sub-conscious mind believe in your visualization and bring it to reality very soon. Example: Have a reminder in your mobile daily 5.30A.M and 10.30P.M for visualization, do not give this time to anyone/anything else.
  6. Visualization works if you can create mental images, example: if you visualize about a house, create it in your mind first, see the door of that house, see the wallpaper or interior design of the house in your mind.
  7. Visualization can be done using your eyes closed, but it is also possible to visualize using your eyes opened( I teach this method over a 30mins LOA Call, email me for further details

In a nutshell, Visualization can help you achieve your goals/dreams in a very fast way. Most of the successful people on this planet has used visualization as the tool and succeeded in their life.

I wish you a happy visualization 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian

LOA Life Coach.


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