Two types of Visualisation

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In yesterday’s post we have seen How Visualization Works.

In today’s article, we are going to see the two types of Visualization.

Two Types:

  1. Process Visualization
  2. Outcome Visualization

Let us see these two in detail.

Process Visualization:

When you want to achieve a goal, what would you do? You will have action plans. Same way, visualization can be mastered using process visualization.

Example: Your goal: To live in your own house

Process Visualisation Steps:  You need to visualise how you will buy the house, you will apply for a home loan or use your savings, first you will search on the internet or thru agents. You will fix a location in your mind. Then, you will enquire about that location with your friends or family members or with real estate agents.Once the location is fixed, you will think about your finance and budget. Then, you will check which bank is giving home loan with less interest.  Then, you finalize the builders and approach them. Once everything is finalize, you will be looking forward to buy or built the house.

All the above steps needs to be visualised repeatedly in your mind, this is called “Process Visualisation”.  You have a goal, to achieve that goal you are doing the process repeatedly using visualisation.

Outcome Visualization:

Let us take the same example here, house.

Example: Your goal: To live in your own house

Outcome Visualization Steps:

In this second type of visualisation one should always focus on the end result, that is the outcome of the goal. What is the outcome of your goal in this example? It is, to live in your own house. So, you need to do the following:

Close your eyes and visualise you are “living” in your dream house. You are already moved in, you are sitting on the sofa in your living room and watching your  favourite movie in your home theatre. Your pet dog is sitting next to you. Someone is pressing the calling bell, you are reaching to your door and check who is that.

You are walking from your living room to your dining room and have your favourite dish. Your mother is serving you the best food. You are so happy and having a chat with your friend on the phone.

You are walking towards your balcony in your bedroom. It has the best ocean view. You are seeing the ships sailing across. You feel the wonderful breeze.

You are feeling sleepy now, going into your bedroom and switching off all the lights and going to bed.

All these are coming under “Outcome Visualisation”, You should visualise as if your desire is fulfilled already.

If you know the difference between these two, you can do your visualization perfectly. You might ask which is the best, both are best if you are able to detail it like the above example with heart filled with joy and super happiness.

If you are a novice, you can start with process visualisation and then move on to outcome visualisation, this will boost up your confidence.

If you are an expert in visualisation, then you can do outcome visualisation.

All the best! Happy Visualization!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

LOA Life Coach.


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