Three Important doors of Life!

Life has many doors with different names. Some doors are within us. Some doors are outside us. If we start realising which door to step in, we will be able to find the purpose of our life and have a life filled with happiness & joy.

Following are the three things(I call it as doors) you can get back into the Life you always dreamt of.

1. Re-invent yourself

First door which you would like to get through is, reinventing yourself. Instead of thinking the failure or disappointments, try to focus the things which makes your soul smile. If you are a nature lover, wake up early and go for that early morning walk. If you like pets, spend more and more time with your pet. If you like to hike, pack your bags and head towards the hiking trail. All these will make your mind, body & soul happy even if you think you are lost. This is your real YOU. This is what makes you happy. Do it without thinking about your disappointments. You will be a new person after few days and that is when the first door will open, you will be an ultra new person filled with positive energy and have a burning desire to kick of those disappointments/failure and that is when you are going to take the first step towards success.

2. Visualise your End-Goal

Now the first door is opened, you are entering into the second door which would bring victory to whatever task you do. Your mind is refreshed, start visualising your end goal. If your end goal is to get a job, start visualising that the recruiters are responding to your job application, interviews are getting scheduled, you are entering into the interviewer office and coming out of the job you wanted. All these things should happen in your mental image. Repeat it daily. Feel much happiness as if you have got the job offer. Very soon, whatever you have seen in your mental image will become reality. Your subconscious mind will make it happen for you. Second door is open now. Click here to know more about how visualization works.

3. Be grateful

We all have only one life and we should be grateful for that. This is the third and most important door for the better life. Wherever you are, be grateful for what you have. Whatever the situation you are in, be grateful for it. The more you are grateful for, the more you will receive. Be grateful for your health, your house, your family, your job/business, the food you consume, your pet, your friends, nature.. it is a BIG list and we all have enough reasons to be grateful. Have a journal and write down daily for all the things you are grateful for. This is the third door which will help you to have a happy and successful journey throughout your life.

If you are able to open these three doors, life will lead you to subsequent doors which will be a wonderful journey and you will be a all new person.

-Rajesh Vairapandian.

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