My Manifestation Story – Darshana Mahajan , Pune, India

Hi Sir,

This is to share my success and manifestation story.

Actually, I work with a growing e-commerce company and my boss is an extremely amazing woman and has appreciated my efforts since the beginning.

I have completed only three months but my performance was seen in the second month itself and I started receiving incentives without asking and was unexpected.

In this month, though in only received the salary and no incentives but I was happy even though I didn’t receive.

The surprise and sheer happiness came when I suddenly saw a message two days ago at night that ten thousand rupees were credited to my account.

Then my boss tested me on a warship that she had transferred my Diwali bonus which was more than expected.

I am extremely grateful for this beautiful manifestation as I required the money to pay for some unexpected expenses.

I would like to thank Rajesh Vairapandian Sir for the amazing Mastering Money using LOA workshop that u began early this month, even though I have known a couple of methods but to execute them so well and also the way you have simplified things and introduced new methods has been of great help.

Thanks a ton for all of this guidance.

– Darshana Mahajan , Pune, India

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