Law of attraction gives you wings to fly higher – Naina Sharma – New Delhi, India

Hi everyone,

I was introduced to the law of attraction last year by a friend of mine and I am practicing LOA since then. I attracted two business trips to Singapore, promotion, and hike in the job in the first half of 2016. I also attracted my life partner in December 2016. LOA not only makes you attract all your desire but also teaches you how to become strong.

After I got married this year, I wanted to shift with my husband to Bangalore but with a good job. I was trying to attract job since January 2017 but I was unable to. I got rejected because of my less experience and all this made me a bit demotivated. I still didn’t give up and tried my level best to attract a job and unfortunately, I got rejections again. I was not able to understand where I was lacking as I applied all the steps as I did for my past desires.

So, I enrolled in a workshop conducted by Rajesh Vairapandian “Mastering LOA” to understand, learn and explore more about visualization & law of attraction . From the very first day, I started following each and every practice he taught and I am very much thankful to him as his teachings made me realize where I was lacking. I started working on my target area by setting goals for my desire and every day I used to prepare a checklist and at the end of the day I used to check if I have accomplished all my goals.

I did this whole month and after practicing, I started receiving calls from the companies I was targeting and were on my vision board. I was surprised that I cleared all the rounds of the recruitment easily and effortlessly. I attracted two jobs with awesome salary package in one month using LOA. Finally, I chose the one I was fitting in and while doing so I realized and felt that I am so happy and blessed.

Thank you, Rajesh for teaching all of us wonderful LOA practices. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am going to join my desired job soon and I feel so happy and excited about my new job. Thank you Thank you Thank you Universe.

– Naina Sharma – New Delhi, India

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