Sub-Conscious Mind & Imagination : Few Tips


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Chandru is a man of dreams. He was the school topper, university gold medalist and got recruited by a top IT firm. His achievements were spread across the sports too. He was a very good Cricket player and a fast swimmer.  He speaks four languages fluently.

He was the best dancer too. It is a big endless list. In one word he is “multitalented’. When I first met him years ago, I asked him what was the reason behind his success in all aspects of Life. He said “I imagine that I am excelled in all activities I do”, unknowingly he was using his Sub-conscious mind very effectively!

“Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere” – This could be the easiest way to explain the power of Imagination. This was quoted by mankind’s greatest scientist Albert Einstein.

Imagination is everything.  When you imagine something, your mind starts to think something creative. You are going to “create” something. When you create something you are called as creator. It could be a small thing like a drawing or some idea to declutter the house. It starts from your imagination. But it is being operated by your conscious mind. Consciously you are thinking which is not in your present existence. So, here the important question arises, How does Imagination be related to Sub-conscious mind? The answer is, Imagination is not related to sub-conscious mind. Because you are thinking(or imagining) from the upper layer of your mind. So the next question is, how to imagine from our sub-conscious mind? This is where most of us failed to understand the real potential of Sub-conscious mind and simply imagine from our upper layer(conscious mind) and leave it there.

Following are few practices to imagine from you Sub-conscious mind:

Golden Mornings:

Mornings are more important and it should always start with a positive note. Never allow a negative thought or negative person to kill your golden morning. Early morning is the best time to access your sub-conscious mind. You are just awake from the sleep. As we know, our sub-conscious wakes up when we sleep. It is in full operation when we sleep. So once you wake up, your conscious mind takes over.

Let us take an example that you want to manifest a house.

Now, close your eyes and relax your body. Breathe in and breathe out slowly for few mins, slowly you will move into the alpha state. Alpha state of mind is where sub-conscious mind resides.

Now, start to imagine the house you want. The street, entrance, door steps, wooden door, then the living room, that couch, Television and all other objects in that room. Then move to the next room and feel that you are there. Open the window and feel the morning breeze. See the nearby street from your balcony. See the kids playing out there. Feel it.  Now you are mentally in that house. Thru imagination you have traveled to a place which does not exist. But your sub-conscious does not know the difference between reality and imagination(In LOA words, we call this as Visualization).

So, successfully you have “imagined” a house from your bed. If you keep doing this on a daily basis with much feel and emotion, your sub-conscious mind will start interacting with the Universe/God(based on your belief) and get your imagination into reality. You will construct or buy a house based on your imagination.

Attracting hours:

We know the real master inside us is our sub-conscious mind. Every day if you keep doing the imagination on a particular time then it will be programmed or instructed to your master that, at this particular time he has to do his action 🙂 If you keep doing at 5 A.M for ten days and miss it on the 11th day, no worries. Your master inside you knows it is the time for action and he will do the rest. So, sticking to an exact time is more important.

If you master the master inside you, you will attract your desire in a super fast mode. All your manifestations will be done easily.

Happy Manifestation 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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