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I would like to share you all few experiences in my life thru LOA, whenever you feel low, read this and you will get instant motivation.




Few months back I have given an Interview. I met the director and CTO of the company and they both were asking multiple questions for more than a hour.

At the end that director asked me if I had any questions for them, I asked them what they think of me, Immeditately he said “You are very positive, that attitude we like a lot”

Infact, during the interview I was focusing much on their questions and answering them with technical/functional points. I have never told them that I am a positive guy.

But how they found this? This is the beauty of being positive, if you are positive irrespective of the tough situation even though if you do not speak positive words, your body will emit positive vibes

And that will travel inside the people around you.  So whenever you face a challenging situation, you will easily overcome it if you “develop” the positive attitude attached to your mind and soul.




Most of the students ask me some repeated questions again and again, I jot down few:


1.Sir, I do meditation, I do visualization but my results are bleak, I don’t get what I expect, I don’t get my desires full-filled, why?

It is one of the simple question to answer! If you “expect” something there is no guranteee you will get it, even if you do meditation,positive thinking or visualization. Because, when you “expect” something, your mind says you are “lack” of that, that is why you are expecting! Instead of expecting it, you have to make your sub-consious mind believe that you ALREADY achieve it. If you want to get married, do not expect the soulmate, feel that you got married already, if you want a job, do not expect the unvierse will give you job, feel super happy that you got your dream job and start living like that, if you want more money, do not expect money, feel you have millions of money in your bank account. Hope now you will not “Expect” anything 😉


2.Sir, why I keep getting problems again and again? Why diseases coming to my family members often?

A)You are mentally very weak B) So you “allow” the issues to take over you C) You easily get disappointed by the outcome of your expectation D) Your mind is not in ease, so you get dis-ease and you keep tallking to your friends/relations about your disease, universe listens it and giving you more and more disease.




In LOA, the most important thing is patience, most of us want something to be manifested imdly, let us take an example, if you bought a Sunflower seed today, will you expect the plant will grow next day and give you a Sunflower? It is against nature :). Being impatience is against your inner being – that is the nature! If you go against your inner being you will NOT given what you want!  Have patience, count your daily blessings and observer your daily growth! Sir, I did meditation for 10 days nothing happened so I stopped it on 11th day, well then if you want to start again you have to start it from day 1, not from day11, this is the law! So try to improve your patience level, those who have patience will win for sure. They will be blessed with much abundance of life. Let me explain you one more thing, few years back I decided to be happy for all the time, but I was able to be happy all time for only 3 months, after that I could not due to various issues at personal and professional life, but throughout the year whatever I touched became gold, means I GOT exactly what I wanted in those 3 months, I wanted a promotion and practiced for that in that 3 months and it was given after 3 months even I was not positive, I wanted a country change in my professional life, and it was given. Just imagine, I was in that happiness state only for 3 months, but I reaped the success for the entire year, if you are happy for 1 full year then you will get your results atleast for next 2 to 3 years, so be calm and never complain GOD/universe and never lose your faith. You will be given what you have asked for!

In November I conduct two workshops.

Online FB workshop : Mastering LOA

WhatsApp Workshop :

Prosperity : How to make multiple source of income using LOA

If interested email me at for further details.


Rajesh Vairapandian.

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