Living a magical life – Shubhangi Verma, India

Hello everyone, this is Shubhangi Verma. Hope u all are doing well in attracting everything u want. Yesterday I watched Golmaal Again there is one dialogue that touched my heart.

Jab God Ke Marzee Hote Hai… To Cheezo Me Logic Nahe… Sirf Magic Hota Hai.

So remove ‘how’ from your thoughts.

I am grateful to the universe for sending Rajesh Sir as a mentor in my life. 

I love to read his posts in LOA Simplified whatsapp group and it feels like the universe is giving me msg to observe the things in detail. 

Thank you sir for all the experiences you share with us. I have also joined August session with him. Learned the importance of everything around us: to learn, to apply, to improve, to love, to laugh, and the most important thing is to be happy all the time. 🤗


I want to jot down the things I have attracted during my session.

1. When I joined the August session I was not doing practice regularly because of my exams, but I learned to calm myself and focus on the good. I wished to join the session again so that I can learn more and practice it regularly. Got the chance to join him in Oct session for free. ☺🤘

2. Fantasy fall is indeed the best magic practice. During my August session I practice it through visualisation but one day it was raining heavily and I practice this method that day attracted telephonic interview for the job. Though I did not join the org. due to some other reason but it increases my faith in LOA. Thank you sir. ☺

3.I thanked God for one beautiful dress for this Diwali in advance and ended up having 4dress between Dhanteras and Bhai Duj. I am feeling rich.

4.I am fond of Gold rings though I have got one on Rakshabandhan but I did not like it much. So this time I thanked God for a beautiful Ring in exchange of my old. I was super excited and You know what I Got a beautiful ring along with a beautiful payal from my mum. Feelings blessed. ☺☺

5.I have attracted My favorite book 7habits in Hindi so that I can gift it Nani Maa nd it was unbelievable for me that I found it at home during Diwali ki Safai.😇

6.I have cured my disease using LOA now I am recovering from it. It all happen bcoz of feeling positive,focus on one minute visualisation practice.

7. After joining this session I become happier than before, and I believe that everything happens for a reason. We should be happy n let go all the thoughts that move us towards a negativity. I have attracted all these by being happy for others and for myself.

8.Previously I focus on scarcity and attract less than expected, even I get frustrated sometimes. Now I focus on abundance n attract having more than my expectations.

One thing I want to share that I have not read any of the LOA books. I am grateful to Mr. R.V. Sir and other group members for sharing LOA thoughts and their experiences with us in LOA Simplified group I get something new to learn thanks to each one of you.

This is the best thing ever happened in 2k17. This was the year of gr8 learning experiences. Next year will definitely be the year to attract my desire.Be happy n attract everything u desire for. Have patience n u will gonna have it all. Gud luck to each one of u. ☺

– Shubhangi Verma, India

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