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Consistent Happiness For a Stress-Free Life

Success is not the key to happiness; Happiness is the key to Success — Albert Schweitzer

We seek happiness in various ways of Life. Being happy is the ultimate goal for all. But we encounter difficulties in achieving happiness through multiple blockages. Toxic people, tough relationships, lack of finance, unhealthy body, depression, stress, all of these we face in our life which makes us unhappy.

In this Story, I would like to share some of the practices which I use for making myself happy consistently. Consistent happiness of your mind and soul is the only way for success in your life. Whenever you feel low in your positive vibration do these techniques to lift up your mind and soul.

These practices have brought me an abundance of financial success. My streams of income have been increased when I embraced these practices. If you follow these practices, your mind will be more productive and you will get multiple ideas. Ideas will be converted to value adds and eventually you will make more money out of it. Not only financial success, but your life will also fill with happiness, joy and super positive energy.

Sachin Tendulkar is not only a great cricketer but also a legend in the game of cricket. His secret of success is the consistent performance he exhibited throughout his long career. For him happiness = Cricket. Happiness has a different meaning from person to person. I love walking under a tree after a rain. I love to smell the fragrance of a new book. I love listening to the cute noises of a nestling waiting for her mother to feed the food. I love to sit in front of the ocean and feel the silence for hours. These are the few things that bring me happiness.

Whatever makes you happy to give your soul to that. I write this article now, 5 A.M in this morning and I love the calmness of this early morning, this is happiness, my soul is glowing. This silence is amazing. We want to be positive all the time and try to feed only positive thoughts to our sub-conscious. Why are we doing this? Because we want to be happy all the time by forgetting the past and want to live in the present to make our future a better one. However, what is lacking for most of us is consistency.

We read positive quotes every day, watch inspirational videos, speak to a friend with a positive mindset all the time, read some self-development books, we do meditation but still, some days all of a sudden few questions will arise in our mind “Why am I not getting the desired result?” ”Why things are delayed for me?” “Why the relationship is still not in good shape?” ”Why am I still unhealthy?” We could face all these whys. This happens for most of the people who don’t know how to extend the happiness from one minute to another, one hour to another hour or in short, don’t know how to be “consistently” happy. Are you one of those people? If your answer is yes then you might find these practices useful to practice it daily and make yourself into a stress-free life for the rest of your life.


1.Name Game:

I have a dolphin at my home. I love to spend time with her. She is very cute and lovable. We both love each other. I love to have crazy talks with her, love to sing along with her. I call her “Dolly”. Right now, she is in the garage. Yes, she is my car. I named my car as Dolphin. Have you ever seen a child call the barbie doll as barbie? Always children name their dolls with their own cute imagination and that makes the bond tighter between them. I know a kid who calls her teddy as pinky even though the color of the teddy is brown. In such a way, if you name a non-living object and start interacting with it, you will feel amazing. Name your mobile as “little idiot” or name it whatever you want to call it!! It looks crazy for others but we are here on this planet to live our own life first. Doing such crazy things ease your stressful/feeling low mind and slowly you will start to laugh like a kid for no reason.

2. Soul Boosters:

Have a playlist with mood shifting songs. Music heals. Music makes your soul happy. Handpick few songs and whenever you feel you are slipping from a positive state of mind, turn it on. Listen to it. Within a few minutes, you will feel the change. But you should be very careful while choosing songs. Never have a sad song and never listen to it during this time, it has the power to instill more sadness into your heart.

3. Mementos:

Attach your mind to beautiful moments and have a name for that. It is simple. Whenever you think about those moments, immediately you feel happiness. For example, do you remember the day you got your medical seat? You would have jumped and shared that news with all of your relatives and loved ones. Name that wonderful moment with some funny names. Medibeauty or Medilove something like that and have it written in a place where you can see it every day. So, if you feel low just have a look at this name and your memories will go back to that marvelous moment and you feel the instant happiness.

4. Blessing Drops:

Eyes are the window of our heart. If you want inner peace close your eyes for five minutes and think that you are standing under a shower. Instead of water, outcomes the blessing of God. Visualize every drop of water as a blessing. It falls on your head and travels till your toe. Feel that your entire body is purified and all the negative thoughts are wiped off by the blessing drops. This gives you a soothing feeling on your body and soul. When you open your eyes, you will see a world that has no negativity, so does your soul!

5. Flower Frag (FF):

Fifteen years back, I lived in Delhi for a year, whenever I crossed the Shanti path road during late evenings I used to smell a wonderful fragrance in the air. Later I came to know that is the fragrance of a flower named “Raat ki Rani”. The aroma brings an unexplainable feeling to the heart. Even after 15 years, I can feel that and it fills my room like a wingspread bird! What is your favorite flower? Think of the fragrance of the flower. Give your soul to that flower for a few minutes. Become a flower and feel light. All your stress or depression will vanish in a minute. You are a smiling flower right now. Be a flower!

Try using these practices and stay in a happy state for every second of life. You will achieve whatever you want and you are the master of your own life. You can get my recent best selling book on infinite happiness here.

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