How to attract your dream Job – A story of Rs.100 to Rs.600000 in 30 Days

It was a breezy February morning in 2010; I met this guy in Marina Beach in Chennai. A man in his late twenties wearing a blue t-shirt and black Jean. He was sitting in front of the sea and saying something to himself. I walked up to him and sat next to him. Observed him for a minute and then asked him “What are you saying to yourself?”, Without wasting a nanosecond he replied: “ I talk to the most important person in this world – ME!”. My eyebrows raised, I asked him “Please tell me about this” and started to listen to him. Here is what he said:

“I was telling myself I am going to get the job offer today evening. I worked for a leading software company from 2006 and during the recession, I was thrown out of the company for NO reason. I lived a king’s life when I worked for them and I was always loyal to them, but in the end, I was shown the door for nothing. I felt very low after that and didn’t even speak to anyone for weeks. It was then I was introduced to a book named “The Secret”, I read several self-development books before but this book had some magic in it and specifically, I liked the “Visualization” part. So I decided to attract my next Job using visualization. I practiced visualization for exactly one month and today I attended the Interview in an IT company and am waiting for the offer letter. Here are the steps how I attracted the Interview:

Pre-Visualization Steps:

Step 1: Choose your place first, where you want to work. You are going to work for one company only so choose the name of your desired company. Example: Microsoft or Google

Step2:  Never have a second thought like this “Will I get a job? Am I worth it? Will I get 5lakhs per annum? Will I get selected?” – Remember, All these “doubts” are blocking the job coming your way!

Step 3: Don’t worry about “how”. “How will I get an offer in Google!!” “How can I get a job there with 10 thousand applicants along with me” – As per the law of attraction, “How” is not your job, Universe/God will take care of “how” and move the people and circumstances to reach you. Just forget the word “How” for a while ?

Step 4:  Apply for your desired Job (let us take google as your desired company)

During Visualization Steps:

Step 1: After applying for the desired Job, close your eyes and be in a calm place and visualize “Your job application reached the HR’s email. He/she opens the email and seeing your profile and calls his peers and tells, “Looks like this profile suits our requirement, Can we screen this profile? He says “Yes”

Step 2: Visualize, you are taking a nap after a hefty lunch. Suddenly, your mobile starts ringing and you see an unknown number calling you. You are attending the call and realize it is from Google HR department! Wow , you are jumping out of your bed in excitement and come to know that your profile has been picked for first round of interview. They say a call letter will be issued in ten mins. As expected, you get your call letter in your gmail account in ten mins. You open it with super excitement and see your name printed there and check the venue details.

Step 3: After you receive the call letter from Google, you are informing your parents/friends/beloved ones, saying you are going to attend an Interview in Google!

Step 4: After you inform all, you are back in your room and start reading some technical stuff and some “how to attend interview for team lead/software engineer position” on the internet and prepare yourself – Note: All this you are doing by closing your eyes and seeing thru your closed eyes and feel so happy that all your cells are glowing with super excitement!

Step 5: Visualize the interview date. Now the D-day has come! Yes, this is the day you are going to get your Job in Google! You get up early in the morning and are getting ready for the interview. Wearing a professional attire and kick start your bike to the Interview location.


Step 6: While driving, you feel so light and excited that after Interview you are going to call your parents and say this “I got selected in Google”, now you reached the Google office.

Step 7: You park your vehicle in the parking basement and get a token for it. Walking towards the elevator and press 2 as the interview call letter says the second floor.

Step 8: You are seeing two other guys joining you in the elevator and you reach the second floor. The moment you steps out of the elevator, you feel the chill air from the air-conditioned room. It is so refreshing after a long drive from your home. You reach out to the receptionist now.

Step 9: Receptionist says a hello to you and hands over a form to fill. You fill up the form and give it back to her and she asks you to wait.

Step 10: Now you are relaxed and sitting on the comfortable sofa observing the interior decoration of that huge waiting hall. Walls are painted nicely and you can see “G O O G L E” board behind the head of that receptionist.  Plants with big leaves are kept on the corner of the hall.

Step 10: You have been asked to come in with much excitement and little nervous you are entering into the room where you will be interviewed.

Step 11: Interviewer wears a spectacles and he is a middle aged man in his crocodile t-shirt. He speaks very softly and you have answered all his questions confidently. After few mins he gives you a firm handshake which gave you a feeling that says “Welcome to Google” 🙂

Step 12: You are asked to wait for few more mins outside the interviewer room and an HR lady comes to you and says this with a warm smile on her lips “Congrats, you have been selected for Google. We will share your offer letter shortly thru email, you may leave for now. See you soon in Google”

Step 13: You thanked her and rushed to the door of that room, you do not want to wait for the elevator and run down the staircase. Take out your mobile and call your parents and say “Mommmmmmmmmm, yayyyyyyyy I got selected in Google”

Step 14: Now you head back to home with excitement and go directly into a sweet shop and buy sweets for all

Step 15: You are now in your room checking your emails. You see “Offer Letter-From Google Corp” in the subject and are astonished to see that you have been given more than you asked for!

That is it; you attracted your desired job using LOA and Visualization!  My friend this is how I attracted the job offer and am sure this evening I will get an email with my offer.

He told me all this and I was stunned to know how he attracted a job using visualization. He added saying this, “At one point after I lost my job I did not even having 100 Rupees to recharge my mobile, but today am going to get 6Lakhs salary package all because the visualization and the belief that universe/God will give me what I wanted. After he told me this, all of a sudden he vanished. Only I was there sitting in front of the ocean. Yes it is my own story. I attracted my Job this way; you could write your own story once you attract your desired job. All the very best! 🙂

Yes it is my own story. I attracted my Job this way; you could write your own story once you attract your desired job. All the very best! 🙂


Rajesh Vairapandian.


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